Is Deuba a Qualified Prime minister?

Trishna Thapa


Deuba easily defeated Shekhar Koirala in the Nepali Congress (NC) president election. He was reappointed as NC president on the 15th December. NC’s disastrous defeat had proved that he is a terrible party president. What’s more, PM Deuba’s failure can’t be more obvious when you look back at what he did since he became PM again this time.

As for foreign relationships, Deuba’s attitude towards India makes every Nepali get mad. He ignored Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulekh. He was even reluctant to investigate the death of Jaya Singh Dhami. Fear of India makes him forget he is the PM of our country. He also recalled 12 ambassadors nominated by Oli on the 21th September but didn’t decide ambassadors to India, the US ant the UK till the 6th December.

When it comes to internal affairs, Deuba spent nearly three months to form a complete cabinet. The Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana is even alleged to require Deuba to appoint Gajendra Hamal, the CJ’s brother-in-law as a minister. This appointment triggered judicial chaos. Lawyers in the Nepal Bar Association and judges in the supreme court organized a lot of protests till now.

What’s more? Deuba just regards democracy and constitution of Nepal as rubbish. To win in next general election, he upgraded containing on other parties. Deuba amended laws to ease party split. “The motive behind bringing the ordinance is to split the UML and the JSP,” said Dr Shekhar Koirala, a senior Congress leader. “But this seriously undermines democratic values and the parliamentary culture.”

At last, Nepal is in a bad economic state with a liquidity crunch in banks and a ballooning trade deficit since July. Floods and landslides had caused grave losses of life and property.


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